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NECA's ELECTRI International’s Research Center investigates trends that affect the industry. ELECTRI commissions accurate, reliable, top quality research to support electrical contractors in their business efforts and helps prepare the industry for new business and technology realities of the 21st century.

These publications are all in PDF format and available to download.

Reinventing the EC Industry- Josh Bone (June 2024)
Electri's Newest Research on SOPs (May 2024)
NECA Annual Report 2023
Achieving Spatial Coordination Through BIM Addressing Inequitable Payment Practices
Agile Procurement and its Role in Adding Value
A Guide for Entering the IBS Market
An Economic Analysis of Portability
Applications for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
A Strategy for Improving the Electrical Construction Industry
Best Practices for Electrical Contractors
Best Practices: Prefabrication for Electrical Contractors
Best Practices and Benefits of Estimating Techniques and Technology
Best Practices for CW/CE Implementation
Blueprint for Electrical Contracting Firm Business Development
Change Order Guidelines for Electrical and Low Voltage Contractors
Change Order Guidelines Quick Reference
Customer Side Smart Grid Installations
Developing a Protocol for On-site Measurements of Situational Awareness
Digital Transformation at the Supervision Level for Electrical Contractors

Electrical Contracting Best Safety Practices
Electrical Pre-Construction Planning Process Implementation Manual
Electrical Project Management Process Implementation Manual
Estimating with and Pricing of Prefabrication

Exploring the Feasibility of a Supply Chain Cooperative Initiative
Exploring the Opportunities for Applying Lean Principles to Electrical Prefabrication
Factors Affecting Labour Productivity for Electrical Contractors
Generating Success: An Exploration of the Issues Facing the Electrical Construction Industry Through the Lens of Family Businesses
Guide to Benchmarking Field Operations
Harnessing Supervisory Knowledge and Experience in Electrical Construction

Ideal Jobsite Inventory Levels to Improve Profitability
Identifying BIM Related Costs Due to Changes
Impact of Overtime on Electrical Productivity: A Measured Mile Approach
Impact of Variation on Electrical Contractor Profitability
Industrialization of Construction Book 1 - The Here and Now
Industrialization of Construction Book 2 - A Compilation to Lead the Way
Industrialization of Construction Book 3 - Foundation and Future
Industrialization of Construction Book 4 - Efficiency and Continuous Improvement
Industrialization of Electrical Contracting: Prefabrication and Supply Chain
Innovative Service Contracting Practices
Job Stress in Electrical Construction Supervisors
Look-Ahead Scheduling for Electrical Contractors
Measuring Labour Productivity of Electrical Contractors
Measuring Productivity and the Impact of Prefabrication on Productivity
Negotiated Workers Compensation
Pandemics and Construction Productivity Quantifying the Impact Initial Findings
Personality & Aptitude Assessment of Top-Performing EC Project Managers

Project Labour Agreements
Promoting Careers in the Electrical Contracting Business
Safety Risk Management for Electrical Transmission and Distribution Line Construction
Single vs. Multiple Prime Contracting
Smart Buildings and Internet of Things (IOT) Impact on Electrical Contracting
The Electrical Contractor as the Integrator
The Electrical Contractor as the Intergrator: Systems Integration Specialists as the Key

The Emergence of the IBS Contractor
The Future of Line Contracting

The Future for Union Construction
The Progress of Wind Generation Systems
The Role of Electrical Contractors on LEED Projects
The Role of Electrical Contractors on LEED-NC Projects - Business Proposal and Capability Statement
The Use of Smart Chip Technology in the Electrical Contracting Industry
Toward a New Model of Service Management for Electrical Contractors
We Built This City